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Petting Zoo 2   Large Events 

360.00 + tax  90 Minutes
Each additional 30 minutes is 50.00
For all day petting zoo call for pricing

Miniature Horse
Potbelly Pig
​Nigerian Dwarf /  Pigmy Goats (5+)
Babydoll Sheep (1)
Bunnies (6+)
Ducks  (2)
Silkie and assortment miniature Chickens (7+)
Baby animals such as ducklings, and bunnies are
available for spring.

The petting zoo is provided with a 22 ft x 24 ft fence 
(accommodates 22-25 guests at a time) tent, hay bale, hand
 sanitizer and attendants.

Additional fence panels can be added for
 larger crowds. 

Petting Zoo Information and Pricing

Backyard Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Early Education Centers, Church Events, Spring and Fall Festivals, Summer Activities, Fundraisers, Company Parties, Corporate Events, Small Town or City EventsCounty Fairs, School Events

Enjoy spending time with our healthy, well cared for animals in clean environment with attendant. Our animals are not in cages, but free to roam in a safe area for an interactive barnyard experience

Upon arrival everything will be set up within 30 minutes, No need to do anything! Petting zoo attendant works alongside animals and children,  Animal messes are cleaned up at all times throughout the event.  We want children and animals to stay clean!

Set up and taking down the petting zoo is not included in the entertainment time. 

A flat area is required for the fence and animals.  Although grass is ideal, other arrangements can be made if grass is not an option for the area.  Hay or pine shaving can be used for parking lots or concrete. (20.00 additional cost shavings and cleanup)
Petting Zoo 1   Backyard Birthday 
275.00 + tax  90 minutes
Each additional 30 minutes is 50.00

Potbelly Pig
Babydoll Sheep
Nigerian Dwarf Goats 2-3
Silkie Chickens 5-6
Bunnies 4-5
Ducks 2

Add Breena the mini unicorn to your party ! 65.00
Have fun brushing, leading and taking pictures!
Riders under 50 pounds.

The petting zoo is provided with a 13 x 16 ft  portable fence (accommodates approximately 12-15 guests at a time), tent, hand sanitizer and attendant.

Early Education Centers Preschools and Daycares

We offer discounted pricing for weekdays!  $50.00 OFF 
Petting Zoo for 310.00 plus tax

We would love to be a part of your Learning Activities Program!

Petting Zoo Set Up